Florida's Hard Water is Among the Nation's Hardest

The majority of people in the United States live with hard water and Florida's water is considered among the hardest. The term "hard water" refers to the amount of minerals that are in the water, including calcium carbonate and magnesium - the two that make hard water most problematic for home appliances and fixtures as scale builds up, stains occur and their performance is shortened. The only way to remove this dissolved silt of rocks and minerals from being infused into the water supply is to treat the groundwater using a water softener.

What is a Water Softener?

A water softener is a large tank filled with resin beads covered with sodium ions. It is connected to the water supply in a home or business and as water passes through it, a process called ion exchange happens, where the resin beads act like a magnet to attract the calcium and magnesium ions and exchange them for sodium or potassium ions. A strong brine solution flushes the resin tank and carries the hard water contaminants down the drain, leaving fresh, purified water. These beads are used over and over to take in hard water and transform it into soft water.

The Benefits of Soft Water

Installing a water softener provides benefits all around the house. Removing hard water increases the life and longevity of everything from facets and fixtures to the water heater, dishwasher and washing machine. This is because softening the water eliminates unwanted scale build-up in pipes and keeps water clean and flowing smoothly.
  • In the Water Heater: no more mineral deposits
  • In the Bathroom: no more rust stains or soap scum on sinks, tubs, shower doors or tile
  • In the Kitchen: no more spots and etching on dishes
  • In the Laundry: no more dingy, faded, rough clothing or towels
Using soft water reduces detergent use as much as 50 percent. It saves energy by making it possible to wash in 60-degree cold water instead of 100-degree hot water, achieving the same or better cleaning and stain removal.

Additionally, soft water makes a difference in our hair and skin, and has even been linked to reduced acne breakouts as the mineral make-up in hard water irritates the skin, clogs pores and breaks down collagen. Combined with the benefits of drinking clean, purified water using a reverse-osmosis purification system, good water is good for our home and our health.


We've been serving Brevard County residential and commercial water treatment needs for more than a half a century. The first step in water treatment involves testing the water - and R&S provides this free of charge, either at the customer's home or business, or using a sample brought to our showroom on Palm Bay Road.

We then help customers with a wide variety of water treatment concerns whether on municipal or well water systems. Our experience as a nationally recognized dealer of soft water systems enables us to stay on the cutting-edge of water softening technology and provide customers with the best products, service, repair and maintenance of their system.

We proudly offer customers the best brands in the industry:

Fleck is one of the most trusted and highly recommended brands in the water softener industry. Owned by Pentair Water Treatment Company, Fleck products come with a 5-year warranty and have several benefits including:
  • Variety of configurations to provide an affordable option to fit any budget
  • Eco-friendly, lower power consumption
  • Reduced salt use
  • Electronic power head with pushbutton operation
  • Easy assembly
  • Water Quality Association Certified

Autotrol is another quality brand that gives customers years of trouble-free, reliable service. With 12 models to choose from, homeowners and business owners alike can find a solution to fit their needs. Autotrol softeners have several benefits including:
  • Automatic recharging based on the water used
  • Simple programming
  • Daily water use monitoring
  • Automatic flow control
  • Internal bypass to supply water to faucets even during regeneration process

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