Many customers that come to R&S are in search of a way to make the hard water in their homes or business taste better and more pure. All tap water contains millions of impurities; many that you can see, taste or smell, but others that you cannot. Particulates such as rust and sediment might make your water appear cloudy and impurities like bacteria or cysts (i.e.; giardia, cryptosporidium) might contaminate your water and cause flu-like illnesses if left untreated. Water softeners remove contaminants that cause damaging effects on pipes and fixtures from hard water. But drinking and cooking water demands a reverse osmosis water purification systems.

Benefits of Filtered/Treated Drinking Water

  • Health: removes potentially harmful impurities that can spread water-borne illnesses
  • Cost: provides more cost-effective solution than bottled water
  • Environment: reduces the impact of bottles in landfills
  • Taste: improves the taste of water, beverages and food
  • Skin & Hair: reduces dryness and impurities from hard water
  • Maintenance: removes rust stains, mineral deposits and hard water film on fixtures, shower walls, sinks and toilets, increasing their performance
  • Cleanliness: produces clothes with brighter colors and whiter whites, while also extending the life of clothes


Reverse Osmosis is a process that forces untreated water molecules through a filter, blocking contaminants and impurities. The filter, also called a semi-permeable membrane, has a tight pore structure that removes up to 99% of all contaminants from drinking water including dissolved solids, chemicals, bacteria and viruses.

Anti-microbial filters used in the process also help remove unwanted odors, colors and tastes from the water. This filtration technology is used by most leading water bottling companies and results in pure, clean drinking water.

STEP 1: Know Your Water

  • If you're on a public water supply, ask for a copy of the annual water quality report from the water company. This report lists detected contaminants, their sources, and their levels.
  • If your water comes from a private well, call R&S to come and test it. Common tests are done for bacteria, nitrates, hardness, parasites, lead, iron and pesticides so you can better manage your water supply.
  • Test water annually to ensure it meets your quality standards.
No matter where your water comes from, you should also bring a sample of your water to R&S for a FREE Water Test (or arrange for us to come to your home or business).

STEP 2: Choose a Filtration Solution

Undersink solutions treat the water designated for drinking, making ice, cooking and teeth brushing or example. Water purified with a reverse osmosis system focuses on the water we drink, rather than the water we "use" in washing clothes, flushing toilets or taking a shower.

Undersink solutions from R&S focus on the same goal as the larger, whole-home water conditioner system to remove contaminants and impurities. Many of our customers choose to use both technologies to treat the water in their homes.

The industry-leading systems we sell from manufacturers Autotrol and Fleck provide a wealth of technological advances in water treatment and purification that are rigorously tested to meet the Water Quality Association and National Sanitation Foundation standards.

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